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 Posted: Fri Nov 22nd, 2013 04:11 pm
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(I posted this in the wrong sub forum before, if a mod could please delete the one in the gym, that would be appreciated.)

"How long have I toiled? A month? A year? A thousand years? But it can’t be a thousand years...No matter, my work is done. My creatures are not living, but they are perfect! I have here a Mannequin, a creature that is better than all the others. Come my offspring, show me what you are!" Phed, the Lord of Nothing

My name is Adam Foltin, I am 17 years old and I live in NYC. I am currently looking to do something with my play, which can be found here It is a full 90 pages long on google docs, and I'm really excited 'cause I finished it about a week ago.

It is best described as realistic fiction with a fantasy aesthetic, if anyone wants to read it and give some constructive criticism, I would be very happy, as I still have a large to-do list. I need to clean up most of the play and listen to more and more feedback. I only just finished, but I'm looking to do big things with this.

I will post a bit of it here.

The Wills of the Khahras


Curtains Open

There is a bed in the center of the stage and a vanity beside it, an old king lays dying there and by his bedside he looks into the vanity mirror and sees his reflection, disgusted by his image. As he lays dying, his advisor Neb'althaar enters the room.

Enter Cloaked Adviser

Cloaked Advisor: My king, I bring grave tidings this black day...your son...He is dead…

Old King: Wh-what?...How can this be?

The king’s face shows only signs of disbelief.
Cloaked Advisor: He...he perished...perished while fighting bravely in battle...fighting nearly 10 of the Lord Praetor’s vile demons.

There is silence for a moment, but then the king speaks, weakness apparantly In his voice.

Old King: Who commands these demons?...I am too old to fight for my kingdom...I am confined to this chamber...much to my disgrace. What divine evil has sent these monsters?

Cloaked Advisor: The Lord Praetor hath sent them. The Lord Praetor wants this world like the others. He needs it to survive. sorry my king, this is not what I would have wanted for you.

The Old King stares blankly into the mirror, and in its reflection, he sees himself, and once again, his face is wretched and contorted, disgusted by the image. He musters a word.

Old King: Why?...

Cloaked Advisor: I know you are suffering sire, I cannot imagine the pain, but I am not about to lay down and die. You must give me some direction, how can we fight these demons?

Old King: I...I don’t know...

The Old King closes his eyes.

A messenger runs in terrified.

Messenger: My liege! The demons...they've vanished! But in their wake a thousand corpses line every street, alleyway, and home. I…I could not find a single soul alive beyond the palace. And darkness...darkness now consumes our fair kingdom! The sun has disappeared from the sky and it grows colder with each passing minute! My king! what shall we do?!

The king does not speak, but he hears the words his face contorts again.Tears drip from his eyes as he stares into the mirror. It looks to be that he is praying for this all to end. Thunder cracks as the light goes off onstage.

Cloaked Advisor: What was that?!

Messenger: He is here...
The messenger's eyes roll up in his head as he falls to the ground.

Enter Demon Lord accompanied by two lesser wraiths.

Demon Lord: Well hello there Neb'althaar...It has been far too long...

Cloaked Advisor/Neb'althaar: Do not touch him Zada, I swear it, I will unmake this world so that you cannot suck it dry!

Demon Lord: You should not promise what you cannot arry through...I know you Neb'althaar, this mortal king is weak, he is nothing, here he lays here dying by the curses of flesh, and yet you are attached to him. Your emotions control you, you have been corrupted.

The tears continue to drip from the king's eyes as he stares obliviously at the mirror.

Cloaked Advisor/Neb'althaar: He was strong enough in his youth to repel you and your ilk not once but twice...and yet you have come when he was weak, knowing you could not destroy this realm when he was strong...

Demon Lord: It is no matter that you are moved so deeply by this mortal weakness, this world is dead. You will come with us, and face judgement for your shocking betrayal.

The wraiths dance around like the impish fiends they are.

Wraiths together: Traitor! Weakling! Infidel! Fleshy figments of the Lord Praetor's nightmares are not to be trusted! The war in the heavens is all but won, see how we feed off the pride of your doomed Fallen Sun!

Cloaked Advisor/Neb'althaar: No! I will not allow it! The Cloaked Advisor begins to channel a spell, but the wraiths quickly apprehend him.

Demon Lord: I know how long you have worked to prevent this day, Neb'althaar, and that only makes this victory that much sweeter. Know brother dearest, that you will not be allowed to escape again..

The Demon Lord goes up to the apprehended Cloaked Advisor, sprawled across the floor by the foot of the king’s bed. He steps on Neb'althaar's chest and points to the dying king.

Demon Lord: It is all over little brother, you and he are nothing, and I am going to make sure of it. Now do not worry. Dream. for the trip is a long one back to the Lord Praetor’s domain.

Cloaked Advisor/Neb'althaar: Ugh...The Cloaked Advisor passes out.

Angelic Voice from Beyond the Darkness:(Aside to Neb'althaar): Neb'althaar...They cannot hear me, I am only speaking to you...It is I, The Fallen Sun. This reality will soon fall to ruin, and you will be trapped in dream, quickly now, everything shall be unmade, you must fall into sleep, the newcomers are to be tested soon. Now dream, or you will vanish with the rest of this existence.

Demon Lord: The Fallen Sun and her angels are destroyed! Neb'althaar is apprehended! Mark my words that the day we return to Avalon is the day this war is won. The Lord Praetor have glory for we are immortal! An explosion is heard in the distance.
What’s happening?...

Voice of the Fallen Sun: I am sorry Zad'jekalaa, but this existence is scheduled for deletion, have a nice time in limbo.

Demon Lord: Shit! The Fallen Sun was dead, The Lord Praetor said so! Liars! All of you, liars! Oh...I don't want to go to limbo...not now, not again!

Zad'jekalaa stares at Neb'althaar with anger.

Demon Lord: This is all your fault! I know you're not going to limbo, the Fallen Sun will save you somehow...If I ever get out of that hellhole, why I'll goddamn find you brother! The Lord Praetor won't forget about me! He won't!

Wraiths together: It’s the end! Everyone run! The Fallen Sun has ruined our fun! The Lord Praetor is a liar! Oh no!

The cast begins to crumble,


Scene One

The curtains remain closed, but
from offstage two voices can be heard.

Tearch, Seto, Descartes, and Kyo stand in a circle, heads down, dressed in hooded cloaks. The lights are dimmed on stage.
Curtains Open.

Tearch moves about as he speaks aloud, almost to himself, his hood is down and his distant, fiery eyes are clear and visible.

Tearch: Where is the light?
I can see it,
I can feel it,
It is here...
What is this?

Tearch looks around. He appears to notice the presence of others for the very first time.

Tearch:(Looking at Seto.) Who are you?

Seto: Me? Seto snaps out of his daze. They call me Seto...or they did before...I don’t remember...And who are you?

Tearch: I am Tearch, the Lord of Fire!

Seto: And what is that to mean?

Tearch: Fire is light! Fire is passion! Fire is destruction! Fire is rage! I am all of these things!

Seto: Are you? I hadn’t realized.
I cannot seem to understand it,
What are we doing here?

Tearch: I…I don’t know...I keep seeing these images in my head! Of darkness and death, of fire and light! Are we the last of something that has come before? Or the first of what is to come?...I do not know what that means...All I know is that I am the Lord of Fire...At least that is what keeps going through my head!

Descartes:I would like to know what is going on as well. One moment I was...what was I doing? It is so strange, I could have sworn I was...somewhere else. It is so hard to see in this place...Could someone make a light?

Tearch: Light?...I could go for some light right about now.

Fire bursts suddenly from Tearch’s cupped hands, and the eyes of the others light up with it.

Seto: How strange! However did you do that little magic trick?

Tearch: What magic trick?....

Tearch stares at his cupped hands in a cartoonish fashion, proceeding to fling about wildly.

Tearch: Help! Help! My hand is on fire! Get it off! Get it off! Stop, drop, and roll!

Tearch rolls around on the ground until the fire is gone, then stands up and looks about.

Tearch: Oh...Now it is all dark…

Seto: Are you done yet?! Great. Now we don’t have a light for all this darkness.

A group of three shadows enter, passing undetected behind the backs of the Khahras. Two of the shadows exit off the stage, but one of them remains behind, and begins to creep up on Tearch.

Tearch: W-where is the light? I...I don’t want to be alone in the d-darkness…

Descartes: What is wrong Tearch...You don’t like the dark?

Tearch cowers in the center of the stage, the shadow behind Tearch gets steadily closer.

Seto: Ignore him...He is making this more painful for all of us, and I don’t want to be here indefinitely worrying about someone as unstable as he.

There is a strange sound of a poorly tuned guitar playing a dissonant chord, suddenly Kyo perks up.

Kyo: What a strange dream I just had...Where am I? Sir, are you okay?

Tearch: N-no...The shadows are coming for me…

Seto: Give me a break, Tearch, I don’t see any shadows around…

The creeping shadow jumps up suddenly from behind the cowering Tearch. Kyo, Seto, and Descartes yelp. Tearch continues to cower. The shadow removes his mask to reveal a young man with sharp facial features.

Phed: Hello. My name is Phed. I do not how I got to be here...I feel as if I have been dreaming for a long time.

Descartes: Why did you creep up on poor Tearch? Where have you come from?

Tearch: Please shadow! I’m the Lord of Fire! Stay away! Please! Do not kill me…

Phed turns to Tearch.

Phed: Sir, are you okay?!

Tearch: is all dark...I am so afraid...

Phed: Your name is Tearch?. Yes?

Tearch: Y-yes.

Phed: Well, Tearch, you do not have to be scared of this darkness, for I will protect you! Darkness doesn't bother me, woe on the demon that creeps up behind my back!

Kyo: I wish I could share that sentiment, yet I feel so apathetic, I feel like we should be more concerned about the state of things, but I cannot seem to muster a strong emotion, I am not even exhausted, yet it feels as if eternities have passed in this darkness.

Tearch: The shadows...they are coming!...

Seven shadows appear from both sides of the stage, four on the left, three on the right.

Tearch: They are here...Save me Phed...

Phed: Ah! You have come, eh? Well you will rue the day you crossed me, shadows!

The faceless, speechless shadows surround the Khahras.

Seto: This is bad...

Kyo: I think I am beginning to muster my stronger emotions now!

Descartes: Someone save us!

Phed engages in combat with the shadows, fighting all of them at once. He wounds four of them but the other three drag him down.

Phed: You can take my body, shadow, but you'll never crush my spirit! The crown upon my head makes me a king you demons!

The shadows continue to tackle Phed down, but still he fights.

Enter Letta

Letta: Luminos!

The lights go on onstage and the shadows flee. Letta turns to look at the other Khahras. Now the others turn to look at Letta, a tall, proud, ageless woman who seems to have come from nowhere. Life is in her eyes and her face.

Letta: My brethren, know that you have my deepest apologies for being late, for it was I who was tasked with the knowledge and wisdom to bestow upon you all. My name is Letta, the Empress of Dreams.

Know that we are Khahras, know that we hold the power of divinity at our fingertips, for we are Lords, and each of us shall bring to the darkness something new.

You Seto, are Lord of Earth, you are the house and foundation of all life and you command the shaping of mountains and valleys, and even the bottom of the ocean which is Kyo’s.

You Descartes, are Lord of Wind, and you Kyo, are Lord of Water.

Tearch:(Recovering) And I am Lord of Fire!

Seto: Wait, wait, wait I don't understand this. One minute we are lost, the next minute we are attacked by shadows and now we are Gods. What is this?

Letta: I am sorry, I did not introduce myself properly, fully I am Letta, Empress of Dreams. And I command the realm of dream which binds us all together. When I lay comatose in the arms of the void, voices so pure spoke to me, telling us of our destiny. My dreams were filled with war and the world we ruled was scarred. But they said it would heal.

Descartes: I believe her Seto.

Seto: I simply cannot understand this.

Phed: But what about me?

Letta: What is your name?

Phed: I call myself Phed...

Letta: I could not say. I was not informed of you, so I guess you have no defined Lordship.

Phed: So then...Am I lord of nothing?!

Letta: A strange declaration...Well it will have to do. You Phed, are Lord of Nothing.

Well, the dreams are wafting through the air, and I am becoming weary of all this darkness...

Now Khahras, we must all fall into sleep! Fall into the Great Neon Sleep! Where we will see everything that was and is and shall be! Only when we awake, then what is dreamt of shall come!


Scene Two

Curtains remain closed.

Thunder cracks in the distance as the Cloaked Stranger stands in the center in the center of the stage silently and patiently. Curtains open.

Enter Phed
Phed:Where...Where am I? What does it all mean? I have come to find the answers…Yes. Answers. Truth is a powerful thing. Wait. Someone is here…(Afraid) Who are you, demon?! Show yourself! I am not afraid!

Cloaked Stranger: Welcome home Phed...I am so glad to see you once again.

Phed: I do not know you, I do not know where I am...

Cloaked Stranger: Why, you are in your palace.

The cloaked stranger waves toward the window, outside it is pitch black, the sun and moon have long ago disappeared from the sky.

Phed: Who am I? Why must I be here in this place. I did not want to be Lord of Nothing, oh please sir, tell me what I am.

Cloaked Stranger: As you wish.
The cloaked stranger waves toward the window.

Stars falling from the sky, fires burning in the distance, these are the things you must pay close attention to Phed, for they are remnants of a kingdom you once ruled. You are strong Phed, but you are lost; you need to find your dark heart.

Phed:I am not strong, nor am I a ruler...

Cloaked Stranger: The brigands live at the foot of the mountain where they ambush the travelers who stray from the road.

The red hawk hunts the grey mouse who cannot escape his cruel fate.

The faeries in the woods and the selkies in the brook stay far from the azure coast, they
fear the naga, who lurk beneath the waves.

The Cloaked Stranger stands right next to Phed. He puts his hands on Phed shoulders and speaks right into his ear.

You will be there when the last drop of blood spills from the mouths of fallen and the slain. You will be there when the last great comet falls from the sky and the pillars shatter beneath your feet. Once there was darkness, and there will be darkness again. These are yours Phed, the kingdom you will rule. Do you see, Lord of Nothing? Do you see?

Phed: I...I don’t...
Phed stands speechless and uncomprehending, his eyes retain their emptiness and his lips retain their pout. Thunder cracks and curtains close.


Scene Three

Curtains remain closed

Letta stands center-stage.

Letta: Awake! Awake now Khahras! Let now your eyes open groggily and gaze upon what has become!

Curtains open

Enter Tearch, Phed, Seto, and Kyo.

Tearch: Oh...light! Light reveals The World That Is! Plains, Mountains, Forests, Sky! It’s so beautiful, I dreamt of this…the darkness had me not feeling at all myself.

Seto: Look again Tearch, you are blinded by the light and so do not see what it reveals. The earth is scarred, the mountains shattered, and the trees are barren and void of life. Who are we and what role do we have in this world Letta? What are we to do here?

Letta: We are to do what a God does, create.

Kyo: Oh...

Kyo bends down and picks up a sapling at his feet.

Kyo: Poor little guy, he appears to be still alive though, well he will be the first of his kind, a great forest shall grow where he now stands...someday.

Kyo plants the little sapling in the ground and covers it with dirt, and then silently but obviously blesses it.

Letta: Good Kyo, as Gods we must plant and make flourish. Go now! Shape your respective domains, each of us will bring something new to this scarred world, and soon we must name it! Go now and find the place in which you belong.

Phed:(Aside) But what is my place? Where do I go? What is my role in this shallow realm?

Exit Phed, Seto, Kyo, Tearch

Enter Sun, Moon.
Letta: Ah, there you are my faithful knights! I was informed of you both!

The Sun and Moon bow.

Sun and Moon: Empress.

Sun: It is good to be needed again, this world was destroyed by strange demons who came and went, you must be the few tasked to populate it once again.

Letta: Indeed, we were tasked to fill this place with life and rebuild the shattered remnants of the Fallen Sun.

Sun: Yes...I am the last of the stars that were in the night sky, and now that you are here, I am at your command.

Moon: And I am the last faithful satellite of this once great realm. Many of the others have long since fled, the rest shattered or broken.

Letta: You two will help me watch over this place. But such a strange thing happened in the void. There was another there, I was told that there would be five of us, but I swear there was another! I have not seen him yet, but I think he is here, I don’t know what he wants or what he is doing here.

Sun: Do not worry m’lady, I think that whatever informed you, whatever picked and chose the five or even six of this land from the great many that have come before to be Gods I think found that you should be blessed among angels, for it is you five or even six that will come to define this world and to see it prosper before your very eyes. That is a gift only given to Gods.

Moon: And do not forget that whoever this loner is, whatever drives him, he like any other, wants to belong, wants to be understood and loved. One cannot deny him that simple and yet eternal pleasure, it would be a criminal thing to do.

Letta: I think you are right, I cannot deny him compassion, no matter if his coming was expected or not.

Sun: You should go Letta, it is getting late and I think that you should be off to your palace of dreaming, things may become clearer in the ages to come.

Letta: Yes I think you are right.

Exit Letta

Sun: I think it is time brother, we are to resume our posts once again.

Moon: Aye. We reprise our roles.

Sun: Now I am setting a day is passed.

Moon: Now I am setting a month is passed.

Sun: Now a year.

Moon: Now ten-thousand years.

Exit Sun and Moon.

Enter Kyo, Seto, Descartes, and Letta already in conversation.

Kyo: So the sea is shaped, the earth is regrown, boundless jungles grow in the south, wherein lurk beasts of the fold. The faeries dwell in the woodland, the selkies dwell in the brook.

Seto: Golems tend to the mountaintops, I have long since commanded the giants to dig themselves deep into the earth. Someday they will make a home there, but at least they won’t be in the way of the creatures to come.

Descartes: Birds fly through the skies, Tearch is not here, but you should have seen when he made this big volcanic pit and the birds flew into it and seared themselves! It was a strange sight to behold!

Letta:(ignoring Descartes) I am glad to see that you have all been creating. I have made quite a few creations myself. Remember that to create is a blessed thing, for it is a power only given to the Gods.

Phed(aside): Now they make creatures large and small, that dwell in water and fire and mountain and wind. But what am I to create? I have no realm, I have no dominion, I am worthless, I am nothing. I must think on this, for I desire so much to create, but what shall my creations be?

Exit Phed

Enter Tearch

Seto: Tearch! We are glad to have found you, what shall we call this strange new world?

Tearch: To name it? Perhaps we shall live forever in this world of our devising, for is this endless expanse not come from our combined energies? As long as we hold our power, this place shall exist as Forevermore.

Kyo: Forevermore, the name is fitting.

Tearch: Indeed.

Seto: Let us continue to create the creatures we have dreamt about.

Exit Seto, Tearch, Kyo

Enter Sun, Moon.

Sun: Now I am setting, a day is passed.

Enter Kyo and Letta already in conversation

Letta: No I have not seen Phed, I have not seen him quite all day.

Kyo: That’s a shame, I like the guy, but he’s so withdrawn, and I can never find him when I want to see him.

Letta: I understand, he seems to have a connection to you, and you to him.

Kyo: I didn’t see him yesterday until sunset, he told me something regarding “Mannequins”, but I now forget just what it is he had said.

Letta: He seems very intent on everything he does, yesterday at sunset we were all there and he ran off! I wonder what he has been planning thus far, he really has not told me of anything yet.

Kyo: Well the first thing I shall create is something simple, nothing very fancy for me. Phed seems to want perfection, but I have warned him that perfection is not best for the first time.

Letta: Well we are all new at this it seems...

Kyo: Tomorrow we should try to find him, maybe we can help him out!

Letta: Well in any case, have a nice night Kyo, may you dream well.

Kyo: Aye, you also.

Exit Kyo and Letta

Moon: Now I am setting, a month is passed.

Enter Descartes

Descartes: Hah I win again Tearch!

Enter Tearch

Tearch: You always cheat! You cannot use the wind when I have no such gift!

Descartes: Use your fire.

Tearch: What good is fire in a race?

Descartes: Oh I don’t know!

Tearch: I bet you can’t beat me without your wind.

Descartes: Oh? I’ll race you to the top of Seto’s peaks, and if I win, you build me a temple in the clouds!

Tearch: Your on! But if I win, you build me an altar of fire!

Descartes: Deal! Ready, set, go!

Descartes and Tearch run off.

Sun: Now a year.

Enter Phed reading a piece of paper

Phed: Damn it all...I cannot figure out this goddamn recipe that Kyo gave me. He is so kind to me, I only wish I could return the favor, but I have little place in this world, I am here by accident at best...Why, only Kyo’s kindness makes me happier. I know! I will kindle this flame...I will swear to the void that he shall remain my friend, and isn’t friend that which binds both Gods and Mortals to each other in the strangest of ways? Friend is that which guides forward the least of the ants.

Enter Seto lost in thought

Seto: And I need iron, and I need copper, and I need rock, and I need...Oh! Phed! I did not see you there. How on earth are you here? These mountains cannot be accessed easily without significant knowledge of this area!

Phed: And do you think only you may use the great stores of minerals from this place, Lord of Earth? I mapped this place quite significantly several weeks ago, and I have been using it for something I plan to create, something not of your concern.

Seto: Well I bid you begone, these mineral stores are mine after all. But I would have let you use them if you hadn’t been so rude.

Phed: What? Do you want me to apologize Earth God? Just because your ego feels threatened doesn’t mean you can shoo me from the resources of this place. I will go where I please and take what I please, and if you want to have this place for yourself you’ll need a better hiding spot.

Seto: Are you challenging what is mine?

Phed: I am challenging what should be everyone’s.

Seto: You mean what you think should be yours.

Phed: If you are wanting to fight me, then let us have a go.

Seto rushes forward in reckless abandonment of his normal self. Phed grabs him and they wrestle for dominance of each other. Phed tries to push Seto to the ground, but without the strength of earth, he is quickly pinned.

Phed:(on the ground): Alright, alright, I will leave....

Seto: Do so quickly, you are not welcome in my domain again.

Phed walks offstage dejectedly, clenching his fists with anger and dismay.

Moon: Now a hundred years

Enter Phed to a dark cave on a hill

Phed: Finally. Now I can begin construction. I have the diagram let’s see...It says I must begin by building the face...Then the arms, then the legs, shape the features, sharpen the will take such a long time...I wonder if it will be worth it in the end?...What if doesn’t work?! will work! And it will be so unlike the others...Yes, it will be worth it...And if it isn’t then I don’t know if I will have the energy to try again...I will be so enraged…Hmmm...I will need more iron.

Phed wanders offstage in a daze.

Sun: Now a thousand years.

Moon: And now the Khahras have toiled a thousand years, and have walked in shadow and in sunlight.

Sun: It seems they have a good job.

Exit Sun and Moon.

Enter Phed

Phed: How long have I toiled? A month? A year? A thousand years? But it can’t be a thousand years...No matter, my work is done. My creatures are not living, but they are perfect! I have here a Mannequin, a creature that is better than all the others. Come my offspring, show me what you are!

Enter First Mannequin

First Mannequin: I am starving, there must be some way I can reenergize.

Phed (Aside): Starving? Was it not giving these perfect creatures souls that has affected them this way? Must it be that they are weak and hungry from that?

Enter Mortal

Mortal: Ah! Help me! A demon chases me!

Enter Second Mannequin

Second Mannequin: Come back here you tasty meatbag. I wish only to devour you and steal your life energy. Give me your soul!

Phed: No! Stop! You are not to eat the souls of tasty meatbags! No! Please! Please stop! You were my perfect creations! Please... (Aside) Oh! They are eating him alive! Ah! It is too horrible to watch!

First Mannequin: Mmm, the flesh is so good. My hunger dissipates for now.

Phed(Aside)(Phed cringes) I have let these demons loose on the world! I cannot bear these...things... they are too horrible, too evil, and they will breed like flies. But I cannot destroy them, for I have labored far too long to create them. And yet they are demons... I know! I will abandon them... I forsake thee Mannequins, rotten to the core, I cannot stand thy presence anymore!

Exit Phed

Second Mannequin: I hunger again, let us hunt for flesh!


Scene Four
Council of Bear Men sitting at a table

Lord Vickus: (Stands up): For the last time! I refuse to put a bit of stock in these ghost stories! A brave general such as yourself should know better than to believe in the superstitions of lesser folk.

General Gabriel Strongclaw: I’m not a fool Vickus! And I'm not blind! I saw the pale demons with my own eyes!

Lord Vickus: Then maybe your eyes need checking!

General Gabriel Strongclaw: My eyes are fine! It is your obstinance that must be checked!

Lord Vickus: I will not be held victim by ghost stories. I have never in all my years faced something so silly as these claims of bogeymen that supposedly haunt the forest! Why, it just isn’t true!

Bear Shaman: The point has been made Vickus, we should continue on with our meeting; our old rivals the Sodo Bear Tribe still run amok in our woods, and it is our duty to civilize them. Let us speak of something else-

Enter Sodo Scout

Sodo Scout:(panting and out of breath): They’re coming! The Dream Goddess help us they’re coming!

General Gabriel Strongclaw: A Sodo in our village? Does the enemy take us for mules? Guards! Imprison this man!

Sodo Scout: Wait no! Please you can't! I saw them! They're going to kill us all!

The Sodo Scout sobs violently on the ground.

Lord Vickus: What did you see? Spit it out man!

Sodo Scout: They number ten thousand, but they are not men...
Their eyes burn with evil fire, but they are not mortal...
With their doing, the Sodo Village is in ruins; not one bear was left alive.
Only the earth was spared from a miasma of death that now spans the forest: the corpses empty and pale...

Strongclaw draws his sword from his holster and stabs the scout through the chest. The scout collapses to the ground, barely breathing, struggling for a time, and then he dies quickly and with ease.

General Gabriel Strongclaw: Ghost stories, eh Vickus?

Lord Vickus:Vickus is stricken, his mouth agape, after a moment’s pause he takes command. Strongclaw, ready your troops. Each and every man, woman, and child must evacuate. You shall take them far away from here and never return. I will hold with the thousand men at my disposal, but you shall take the rest of our people and flee from this land; Do not look back, for the Dream Goddess awaits us in her hallowed halls tonight.

General Gabriel Strongclaw:(Solemn)Yes sir!

Exit Lord Vickus

Bear Shaman: Permission to speak freely sir...

General Gabriel Strongclaw: Nevermind it, our skulls encase the same. Should we flee to the stars above I fear we would not outrun the demons that wait now at our doorstep. Our home is no longer, and the least we can do to honour it’s memory is live another day. Make haste now, the wind is blowing foul.

Exit All

Curtains close

Curtains open to Sun, Moon, and Letta standing centerstage amidst a great many bear man corpses. There are also a few Mannequin corpses littered about the ground, their eyes still red and their claws still sharp.

Letta: What sleepless daemon hath done this?
Sucked the collective life from the dead,
Consumed now the evaporated birthrite
Of all things that do live.

Tell me Sun, keeper of day:
What hath transpired to make
All these souls wanton and thin?
What hath become of their sinewy breadth,
The ethereal heart ripped from its socket
By such a blasphemous hand that I feel them not!

Sun: Yesterday, ten thousand soulless fiends came to this grove
And here they fought the Bear Men and killed the lot of them.
And all who fought died in this gory slaughterhouse.
And as I watched with mine eyes,
The fiends ripped the souls from the flesh
They had devoured with ease.

Letta: The air is ripe with gory stink.
None have lived?
Oh wretched day!
Who could have brought
Such evil into The World That Is?
The bears were mine!
Have none made it safely
From this forest of woe?
Tell me Moon, Warden of Night
What soul did not fall to these pale devils?
Are there any who still live?

Letta sobs in her hands, feeling the weight of the each bear man's death and fear of the future of Forevermore in full force.

Moon: Do not sob so loudly my lady,
Many of them still live,
They wisely fled the beasts
While a brave thousand tarried to fight.
This sacrifice will not go without cause.

Letta clenches her fist in rage and determination, her head still hangs low.

Letta: Then I shall cause them to dream,
And from dreams of valour will they grow strong.
Yet I cannot say just what will happen,
These demons do not come from dreams,
I do not know what hath brought them to this realm.
I can only hope that everything will turn out alright,
And that a champion of the peoples will arise soon.


Scene Five

Enter Kyo, Phed, and Letta already in conversation.

Letta: And this place jungles too were in my dreams.I dreamed that a great schism would emanate from this realm. A fracture so great, that it would bring about the Great End.

Kyo: What happened in this dream?

Letta: I dreamed of a great emerald eagle. It descended from the sky and clawed out mine eyes. But now I could see, and I saw that it had taken my pupils and with its claws had turned them to sand. They fell upon a beach at the edge of our world, where it coalesced into a creature that looked upon the heavens with distrust. Why, the creature it looked like us.

Kyo: Well, I can’t even begin to fathom what that means. All I am proud of is that we got Phed to join us today!

Letta: Hear, hear!

Phed:(dejected) Hear, hear…

Letta: What’s wrong Phed?

Phed: Just a little sad is all.

Letta: Why? Did you ever finish your creation?

Phed: No I...uh...I trashed it, it wasn’t working…

Letta: Well that’s just it! You worked too hard on something you couldn’t finish! You need to start smaller and work up to it, that’s all!

Phed: Ya. I guess.

Letta: Look at me.

Letta looks straight at Phed, whose head hangs down. Yet feeling her eyes upon him, he looks straight into them, forgetting himself in their alluring haze.

Letta: You do belong here. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

Phed turns away, but a smile has crept onto his face. For a moment, he is happy.

Letta: I’ve got to run Kyo, things that should not be here have entered Forevermore, and I’ve got to keep watch to make sure they do not cause more harm to my creations.

Kyo: What do you mean, Letta?

Letta: I do not know to explain, perhaps you will find out in time, take good care of him for me.

Exit Letta

Kyo: (Smiling) Do you enjoy her company?

Phed: Very much so, but ‘tis the intensity of the matter which causes me to be so shy around her. If only I would be a little more confident, I would have her in a heartbeat.

Kyo: You lie!

Phed: I would never lie to you, Kyo.

Suddenly, something catches Kyo’s eye, he nudges Phed, and points toward a strange amber gem lying on the ground. Phed’s eyes light up.

Phed: What is it Kyo?

Kyo: ‘Tis a strange amber gem, wherein lies a clear blue liquid...I cannot discern its purpose, we should probably move closer.

Phed walks over and picks up the gem, an anxious glimmer in his eyes, which he quickly disperses.

Phed: I have never seen such an one. ‘Tis a strange sight.

Kyo: Heh, this is very cool.

Phed: What?...

Kyo: Why, there is a tiny being inside the gem! The liquid is merely an embryo, housing it. It’s essence is void of anything, yet it reeks of divinity. I cannot explain this, but you were meant to find it Phed.

Phed: Hmmph, how strange.

Kyo: Phed! You cannot see what this means? You do belong here! If destiny is on your side, then I cannot imagine whatever lies beyond this place put you be here by accident.

Phed: Yes. That is quite exciting.

Kyo: We have to show this to the others!

Phed: What?...Why would we?

Kyo: This may be the greatest creation that will ever be made, for it is destined that this little soul be as that of a Lord, and that there will be nothing like it.

Phed: But why must we show it to the others?

Kyo: Soon this soul must be lent a figure of clay. Otherwise it will flutter away and never return. We must seize this opportunity while we can, lest Forevermore fall into the Great End.

Phed: Ah...yes. I will inform Letta, and Tearch.

Kyo: Then I will inform Seto and Descartes. Off I go!

Exit Kyo

Phed: Oh...if he saw it with his own eyes, he would not suspect the truth. The truth that will elude him and the others ‘till the end of time. I have lied, and in doing so I have sinned, for he is my friend, and the least of the ants do not tell their friends lies. But I have done so to protect him and myself...The awful truth be known, it was my soul that I carved into pieces, it was my soul that was used to create this being, independent of any of us; a little God in his own right...But divinity is fleeting, and even now I can feel it growing in this little egg, which I have planted and kept warm so that it would not fall prey to the birds; and now it is done...and they will not suspect it, nor ever conceive of the notion, for it is beyond their imagining. They have not tasted the void like I have...They hunger for naught, creating great swaths of beasts and all manner of lesser folk. My creations must be perfect, must stand the tests of time. I am Phed, Lord of Nothing, and let it be known that I created Man! But I must never tell the others, for his fiery spirit will burn bright, and I cannot let them take him away from me...The irreversible has been done, and someday the Great End will come upon Forevermore, and if it falls into pieces its remnants will devise the cosmos, and the rest will fall into fire...Sunset be damned, there is little salvation here...


Scene Six
Enter Tearch, Seto, Descartes, Kyo, Letta, and Phed

Kyo: Do you have the clay Seto?

Seto: I do.

Kyo: Are you ready Seto?

Seto: I am.

Phed: I have the is by my foot.

Kyo: Good. Let us begin.

(All quiet)

Seto: With clay in hand and Soul by foot
This Man shall come to be.
Clay, see how I shape thee,
The Man shall shape his thoughts
As I shape my clay,
Because he is like a God,
And that is what a God does,
A God creates that which is in his head.
That which is thoughts, Ideas
Shapes, and Imagining.

Kyo: Letta, you should imbue the soul!

Letta: Done!
He is a very fine looker,
I shall give him the gift of my realm,
The gift of dreams and emotions,
And the fullness of rest,
And love and happiness
And all that comes with it!

Kyo: He is not the first to receive those blessings Letta, but perhaps he is the best. As for me, I shall give him my own blessings. Of calm, of purity, the love of water, and the virility of youth, and all that goes with it.

Tearch: Hah! I like where this is going, let us all bless him with our gifts! Man, I give thee the will of a God! And for better or for worse, one such as thee should have my arrogance in youth so that they will have my wisdom in their old age, for one is only mortal after all.

Phed(Aside): I am not sure I like where this is going, for everyone is giving their gifts but what about me?! What can the Lord of Nothing give to someone, when he does not own anything? Well this is my creation, and I will not be bested in gift-giving, nor anything for that matter! I am the best, I am Phed, I must be better than all the rest! I have to think of something and fast!

Descartes: I guess it is my turn! I give this Man the gift of movement! Of haste and ambitions! Of hopes and lust! To go where he wants and where he wills! Hopefully such things will aid him in life! I want to give him the wind! I want to give him so much! But I guess I will have to be content giving him the things I can give him, but I suppose one last gift is in order! With Letta’s love will come offspring, so that the Man will always have someone to keep him company when he wanders Forevermore!

Kyo: (Kyo chuckles) Well Phed, you're up next, though I don’t exactly see what you can give know.

Phed:(Ignoring Kyo)To you Man,
I give my only gift,
The gift that you will
Cherish forever and always.
I give to you a gift you will come to call death,
I give to you the gift of ending with nothing.
And when the time comes you will remember me
You will remember the gift I have given to you.
My gift is that of Darkness, and when you will return to darkness-
For you see you will have no choice-
You will come to find that life is fleeting
And that all good things must come to the end
And death is perfect
And day is done.
Now drift into sleep you pitiful creature
For darkness comes, whether you like it or not.

Kyo: If this is your gift, then so it shall be...Now we must leave him, for he must dream of The World That Is. Come come, we will leave him to his sleep.

Exit Kyo, Phed, Seto, Tearch, Descartes.

Enter Sun, Moon

Letta: Hello Sun,
Hello Moon.

Sun and Moon(Kneeling): Empress...

Letta: What have thy to say,? Werest thou watching from afar?

Sun: Aye m’lady, we were present and listening, and though you could not see us, we were most certainly there.

Letta: Then you saw the strange incantations of Phed, how he gave them a gift that even I could not fathom. It seems so strange now that Kyo let him do that, perhaps he was as baffled as I...

Sun: What he gave to the Man
Was a ticking black clock,
As dark as night,
As twisted as hell.

Moon: And there seems to be no reason for such madness,
But I think it stems from deep within Phed’s psyche,
That he would do such a thing is telling,
Of his tortured being,
Of his sense of self-worth.
And Phed’s curse will spread like a plague to the others,
Who had once lived forever,
But Phed said that,
“All good things must come to an end”
And that too is telling of him,
Very prophetic.

Letta: Tell me more of this “Psyche”,
I must know so little of this,
For I do not know anything about that which you mean.

Sun: Why, m’lady, you are the psyche,
The world of dreams and emotions,
Not unreal,
But not real yet,
It is where our souls will go at the Great End,
It is yours.

Letta: If I have so much sway over the Psyche,
Perhaps I may infiltrate Phed’s
In secret,
So as not to let him know
That I have interest in his doings,
And so as not to incur his wrath.
Oh but I do not wish to make an enemy...
What shall become of our fair plane in my absence?

Moon: Cheer up m’lady,
We will ensure that everything goes well
In our realm of Forevermore
While you are away.
Cheer up m’lady,
For despite Phed’s misdoings,
The Man is everything we had hoped for,
A champion of mortals,
They will fight the demons,
They will champion the cause of the living.
The soulless cannot fight them,
They are blessed and infallible.

Letta: Whoever brought them to this realm
Must have brought them for a purpose,
Maybe there is something beyond Forevermore,
Maybe there are greater beings than we.
In any case, they are here now,
And only good can come of their presence.
I hope that in time they will multiply and prosper,
Sun, I bid thee watch over Mankind,
Keep his sight in the daytime.
Guide him with your radiance.
Moon, I bid thee watch over Mankind,
Be his warden in the night,
When the Sun is but a shadow,
Channel the light of the Sun and
Keep him safe from the darkness.

Sun and Moon(Bowing): Yes m’lady.

Exit Sun, Moon

Letta: Now I face a dilemma, I have the power to infiltrate the dreams of Phed, but do I dare? It is such a strange thing, to become one with another and to know their dreams, and horrible things may come of it...I have never done such a strange task, and I do not know what will happen, but I feel I must, it is the only way I can know...The only way I can know Phed, and who he is. I must understand him, for he of all Khahras is not bound to the same principles as the rest of us. I would guess that my own power is a mere shadow of his, and that he is driven by strange self-loathing, but I can only guess at this fact until I have myself seen what is inside of his mind. But if I do this will I emerge unharmed?...So many questions, and only my lingering fear to assuage them...I suppose for now I must relax...For only time will tell, for only time will tell...


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I'm super-interested in plays with fantasy aesthetics. I'm going to print this out and give you feedback in a week or so, maybe after Thanksgiving. Quick question - who's Mark Lawley?

Quick thought:

"My King, your son is dead," I think needs to be its own moment, let the King respond non-verbally before we continue. You're tripping over exposition in that first scene. You need to unpack that more elegantly. 

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Thanks man, I fixed some parts, I think after finishing this set of revisions, I'm on draft #2, though I work on it in short bursts and not all at once, so I have no idea. See if you like it now.

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I've edited the OP to include the first 20 pages of my play, so people can read it if they're interested without having to fiddle with google docs. I would like some more people to give comments/criticism

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