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 Posted: Thu Feb 21st, 2008 09:51 pm
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So I was a Nanny in Paris, London and Marthas Vineyard.  I worked in the oldest Shop in Boston and was about to produce a Christmas Play in the shop for the staff called "The Quota" but the shop went bankrupt but it was like being in a Play every day I went to work there.  I worked years ago in Harrods, London, also like being in a play.  I'll have to think of all the other things i did, but right now if anyone needs advise on any of the about I'm here.  Oh yeah I worked on the Big Dig in Boston following the "Irish On The Big dig" produced two calendars (Limited Editions) I was there when the dig was at it's peak.  I have thousands and thousands of photograph's of the Irish working on this project.  I didn't get paid just a freelancer(chancer) but I covered the Irish being there for future generations.Like if your looking for yer granny in a hundred years, you might find she worked on the Big Dig at some point in her life.

I sent link to some profiles I used to cover for this internet side in Dublin, I'm surprised they still have it up there.


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