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 Posted: Sat Mar 15th, 2008 02:41 pm
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Sam Stone


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Hi folks,

Edd asked me to post this:

I have written a pamphlet explaining how to use Microsoft Word, without purchasing any additional plug-ins or programs, to format your script in the manner YOU choose and make the process of writing easier.

It isn't a "Template" but, after creating your own format, you can save that format as a template in your computer and access it whenever you wish.

I had originally hoped to market the document, and its companion/introductory pamphlet "Boot-Up Camp" as portion of a seminar on the mechanics of playwriting but, to date, there has been no interest.

Therefore, If you wish to review the document "Formatting Scripts Using Word," PDF - less than 1000kbs; and/or "Boot-Up Camp," also PDF - under 100kbs - please write me directly at