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 Posted: Tue Apr 22nd, 2008 12:58 am
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I save all my script in a couple different formats for this reason.  The format I've found that works the best for cutting and pasting into internet based forums is always text.

In MS Word you can save your file as a "text only" file (thats a .txt extension).  Goto "save as" and then select "text only" from the "save as type:" drop down menu at the bottom of the "save as" dialog box.

If you then view that same file in Notepad to make sure the word formatting hasn't left any wierd characters.  In windows Notepad views things as text only, without the extra formating that WordPad or MS Word adds. 

You can then cut and past FROM Notepad, just make sure that you turn OFF "word wrap" through the the format menu before you go to cut.  

When you look at what you're going to cut it'll look a little wierd becasue it will be a batch of coninuous lines.  This is becasue there is no formatting.  But, it's the extra formatting that's making things look wierd when you try to copy and paste them, so that's what you want.

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