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 Posted: Tue Apr 29th, 2008 01:50 pm
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Please, introduce yourself ...
This Forum gives new members an opportunity to tell us about themselves


I think Paul pretty much summed up and invited all of what you'd like to see when he created that section.  I must say that I've yet to meet a playwright reticent to talk about him or her self.  Perhaps, because it is quite often the first post made by a new member that we are reluctant to say too much too soon.  But if we older members went  back to that section and started posting more about ourselves it might change or set a trend.  Why not start a thread where we can all go into the gory details of ourselves--all the things you suggested?  Go back to the "Please, Introduce yourself..." section and leave a bio/resume and some nifty stuff we'd love hearing about you--like how does a Greta become a Will Kemp?  I'll bet that within days there will be many here who will follow suit.  They may just need someone like you to lead the way.  I think you've got a great idea!  The greatest thing about this forum is its members--honest, caring, helpful, genuine--just plain good folk.  Remember, for all we say about ourselves, our interactions with other members speak volumes.

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P.S. I'm not here.