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 Posted: Thu Jul 27th, 2006 02:14 pm
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...i teach and therefore have ample time to travel during the summer. Have used my short play productions as reason to take family vacation time to NYC, DC, ILL, & CA to see my stuff....(only once was i disappointed with production)

Couldn't make it to Texas last winter; had used all my personal leave at school. (sometimes i actually have to work) ....all in all, i don't make any money on my plays but seeing the plays and meeting all the people who do them has been rewarding, educational and downright fun....(also makes for a good tax write off to boot. :)

**RLN: thanks for the nod to Cedar Lane Theatre in other thread...i took a peek at your website. very cool**

(side note: there's only seventeen people who live in North Dakota. if only two of them saw your play, that would be a good percentage ;)