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 Posted: Sat Jun 14th, 2008 06:13 am
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don't know if anyone knows about this.  you dial a number on the cell, speak, and it translates everything to text.

have absolutely no time to write anymore, so i scrawled some dialog down and thought i'd "jott" it to myself.  maybe i could write a play this way.  this is what it looks like when you send yourself a jott to your email:

Jim, no I'm not a professional golfer. Ha ha, Lisa yet, Jim yes yet. But I do love my PNC, so anyway, phone lines are open at 646-3119. And we already have our first caller. Guido(?) from Brooklyn. Lisa, hello Guido(?). Guido, yes I have a question. Jim, okay. Guido, I have an auto claim and the insurance company turned it down. Lisa(?)...

**You've gotta edit.  But could be a useful tool, especially if you have an idea or a line of dialog that you don't wanna forget.