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 Posted: Thu Aug 21st, 2008 02:19 pm
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Edd is 100% right about keeping it short and direct.  Your cover letter has a function, and this letter doesn't maximize its potential as a tool that represents you and your play.

Here's my take on organization----


Theater company's address

Enclosed is the one act play About A Wedding for possible inclusion in your Festival of One-Act Plays.

About A Wedding is  a forty-minute (insert genre here: comedy, melodrama, romp, farce, drama, dark comedy, romantic comedy, romantic tragedy...) that spans the weeks leading up to the big day.  The play requires (here you would say what type of set, how many women, how many men -- as an example: a single multi-location set; 3 women age 24-60ish, 2 men age 24-45; 7 wedding dresses and a Saint Bernard.

(If the play has any production or development history you would describe it here by starting a new paragraph.  Even a sentence about why you wrote the play would suffice: ie -- This play was written as part of a class where I had the opportunity to wokshop the play and receive feedback that has helped in its development.  OR you could say something about its inspiration. OR you could not have a paragraph here -- instead go right to the final paragraph)

Also included with he play is a SASE for return of the script.  You may contact me via phone at 555.555.5555 or e-mail at  Thank you for your consideration.



Your address info here


For some additional letter-writing tips check out "Letter Rip" parts I & II on the Playwright Zoo archive:



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