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 Posted: Fri Aug 22nd, 2008 04:25 am
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Edd, I also believe less is more. I like your letter very much. My synopsis is so brief that it's really more of a tag line. For example, MORGANA'S HEART. Winner Theatre on the Ridge/ California Arts Council competition. Morgana got a new heart from Gabriel. Now she can't get him out of her life.

I then go on to mention where my work has been produced. Next I list any awards and last, the names of theater companies that have produced my plays so far this year. I do all this to let them know I have a track record.

I tell them where I live and that I'm a member of The Dramatists Guild. Finally I thank them for considering my play.

I try to keep my letter to one page. I don't send an SASE unless one is requested.

I don't know if this sort of letter works for everyone but it does seem to work for me. What I think I might consider adding is why I wrote this play and why I'm sending it to this particular theater company.