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 Posted: Mon Jul 31st, 2006 02:13 pm
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I have all my plays in their entirety on my website, Having them there (or here) establishes a date and owner of property.  I do not believe any of us is in much danger of having our plays stolen by other playwrights.  However, I once "almost" had a theatre pirate one of my plays until I caught them and then doubled my royalty, since they were a week from opening.  I also imagine there are some I haven't caught.  Also, I need to add that the nearly-pirated production was from a published script that was purchased and not from my website. There is no one to stop theatres from doing plays in print, except for the possibility of getting caught.  Personally, I should be so flattered.  At one time I worried about that, but then at one time I had an over-inflated ego that old age has taken some of the air out.  :>) Edd

P.S. Thrilled to see that you and your group from the other forum are such active members.  Keep it up!  -Edd