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 Posted: Mon Jul 31st, 2006 07:53 pm
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I keep excerpts only on my site--but not because I worry about "stealing." Rather,  I like the idea of whetting a visitor's appetite for a piece, then giving them the opportunity to ask for a complete version. That version has a copyright notice in it, along with a royalty notice and a line that notes that provision of that "perusal copy" does not constitute permission to produce the play. (Mind you, this won't stop the industrious evil-minded soul who now has one full script, but we like to think there aren't so many evil-minded souls out there, now don't we?)

This lets me, as an unpublished playwright,* to keep track of where the scripts go and where (potentially) productions will be done.

*"Unpublished" in the sense that I haven't yet seen fit to have a publisher take over for me. I'm getting a pretty fair number of productions on my own, thank ya!  :-)