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 Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2009 09:59 pm
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It is possible more
poets would come
to this fucking place

if only someone
would dim the lights,
put a bucket of raw

oysters on the table,
a short bottle of tabasco,
& some iced Chardonnay

Of course no napkins
or eating utensils
would be provided

and the only requirement
would be for every poet
to write at least one line

by the next morning’s cock
crow that didn’t mention ocean,
a hangover, rich wooden flavor

an ex-lover, an old lover,
or an I-left-my-lover-
and-now-I’m-sad lover

or any number of words
that refer to male or female
anatomical appendages

Then and only then
would the paper be oily,
each word would smell

a bit fishy, and everyone
still alive could leave
for home justly satisfied