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 Posted: Fri Aug 4th, 2006 11:16 am
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Hi.  Thought I would start small and very carefully.  Have written this short this morning because I know I must get writing and give it a go.  It is based on a real incident that happened to me a few years ago, so in a way I am safe because I can't claim to have written too much of it!  It was already written as a real event!  But, it is a starting point and I would appreciate all feedback.  Thanks, Nikip xxxxxx  Ps have no idea why it is underlined.  It isn't in my document!  Apologies!  I have absolutely no idea how to fix the problem!

In the park


A woman is sitting on a park bench smoking.  She is on a break from work, hiding

from the no-smoking policy of the adjacent school where she teaches.  A van pulls

up.  A white, South African man in blue overalls climbs out and starts cleaning the

dog shit out of the red bins nearby.  He nods towards her and smiles


Woman:  Hi

Man: Afternoon


Man: You work next door?  (He opens the bin and takes out a large, over-full plastic bag)


Woman:  Yes, I teach….I teach English.


Man:  That’s a hell of a job! (Woman glances at bag).


Man:  I wanted to teach once, then changed my mind and went into Civil Engineering.
(puts bag down in front of him).  Never completed the course though.  All the white
boys were marched out of university in Zimbabwe at gunpoint.  Some Government

Woman:  You from South Africa then?  (man arches eyebrow. Woman laughs).

Sorry!  Completely crap with accents!  You could have just as easily been from

Birmingham as South Africa!  I always get them in a muddle!  (she drops her gaze to

the floor)


Man:  You like Macbeth?  Great play.  Studied it at A level.  All those supernatural dark themes, all that power and greed.  Gets under your skin a bit.

Woman: Yes.  I’m teaching it right now in fact.  Wish I could give my Year 9’s some

of your enthusiasm!

Man:  What else are you teaching now?

Woman:  (thinks) Well, to the older ones, “Of Mice and Men.”

Man:  Ah Steinbeck.  Love that novel.  Poor George.  What a decision!

Woman:  What happened next?

Man:  (confused) Eh?

Woman:  In South Africa?  What happened next?

Man:  Worked on the roads, trying to make links between townships.  Did that for a

while.  Sitting ducks though.  5 crew shot in a week.  I arrived in Britain 6 months ago.  Asylum seeking.  (man makes apologetic mock speech marks in the air).  Guess

this job keeps the food on the table!  (he smile. Woman smiles back awkwardly)


(School bell rings.  Woman stands up)


Woman:  Hope you get lucky.  Might see you again?

 I am lucky.  (he picks up the bag)  Oh, what was that black guys name again?


(Woman looks puzzled)


Man:  The black guy….in “Of Mice and Men”?


Woman:  Crooks.

(Man walks back to the van, turns and lifts the bag in front of his body, laughing)

  Crooks eh?  So it was.