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 Posted: Sat Aug 5th, 2006 09:24 pm
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I like "assumptions" as a theme.  It's amazing how many mistakes result from assumptions.  You described the character as white in the character description so I assumed he was white and that was reinforced by his statement about South Africa.  I didn't question that until I saw another poster thought he was black.  Then I had to go back to read it again to see if I was correct.  Maybe your idea of assumptions could be fleshed out as you extend the play. 

If the woman couldn't see his face because it is covered with a scarf due to cold or something, she might assume he is black due to his menial job?  If she is a light skinned black woman he might assume she is white because of her teaching job.  That might give you an opportunity to explore their racial assumptions and how those assumptions affect their reactions to each other then reveal their real identity and see how they react to that. 

Just an idea.  You've got something good going.  Keep it moving.