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 Posted: Mon Aug 24th, 2009 06:16 pm
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Call for Submissions!

Comic Scenes needed for two books for kids and teens!

Deadline: September 15, 2009

This is a last call for submissions for the Winners’ Competition Series books 90 Second Scenes for Kids and 90 Second Scenes for Teens. The books are being published by Smith & Kraus Publishers and series editor Janet B. Milstein.

At this point in time, teen scenes and two female scenes (in all age groups) are needed the most. See a  breakdown of scenes needed per category below the Guidelines.

Only scenes that meet the following guidelines will be considered.


Scene Guidelines

  1. All scenes are 2-character scenes and both characters must be from the same age group (4-8 yr or 9-12 yr or 13-18 yr).
  2. All of the scenes are comic. They are used for comedy competitions/auditions for agents. Think short & lots of punches like sitcoms. They need to be able to win comedy scene competitions!
  3. Characters should be true to age. Please do NOT write them to play older or younger or bears or things you might see in the theater but that are not realistic as an audition role for kids to use for agents who want to cast them in TV/Film.
  4. No foul language.
  5. The scenes must be able to be performed without any props, costumes, or sound cues.
  6. Scenes should showcase both actors/roles/characters.
  7. The scenes need to be kept to 1 pg for the 4-8 group and 1.5 pgs for the 9-12 & 13-18 groups.
  8. The scenes do not have to be from plays or other full-length scripts. In fact, that usually doesn’t work because requirements for these scenes are very project-specific.
  9. Include character ages/descriptions (minimum description: age and gender) and a 1-3 line setup on each submission.

Submission Guidelines
  1. Include the title, your name, email, and phone # on each scene submission.
  2. Submissions will only be accepted via email and in the formats .doc or .rtf
  3. Each scene must be attached as a separate file. However, they can be attached in one e-mail.
  4. Save files as “TITLE-YOUR LAST NAME.”
  5. Please do not send bios, resumes or cover letters.
  6. By submitting a scene you give Smith & Kraus Publishers the right to publish the scene and you are given writing credit on the scene page. You retain the copyright of course.
  7. You will be paid, upon publication of the books, $20 per chosen/published scene.
  8. Please send your submissions to Diana Xin at by September 15, 2009.

Here is a breakdown of the scenes we still need:
Ages 4 to 8: five 2F scenes, two 2M scenes, one 1M1F, one any combo
Ages 9 to 12: five 2F scenes, two 2M scenes, one 1M1F, two any combo
Ages 13 to 18: ten 2F scenes, seven 2M scenes, eight 1M1F, four any combo



By Author, (123) 456-6789

Anna, 4-6 years old, female

Brianna, 4-6 years old, female

Anna and Brianna are friends and are playing outside.

ANNA: I can make an ugly face. Wanna see?

BRIANNA: Yeah. (Anna makes an ugly face.) That’s not ugly. Look at this. (Makes an ugly face.)

ANNA: I can make an uglier face than that. Watch. (Makes a different ugly face.)

BRIANNA: That’s okay, but this one is uglier. (She makes a different ugly face.)

ANNA: Oh yeah? I can be the ugliest ever. (She makes a face and adds a scary noise.)

BRIANNA: Ooh. You are ugly.