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 Posted: Mon Aug 7th, 2006 01:02 pm
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I’m bored today all.  Bored and with a dry head.  Can’t get into my play AT ALL.  Had a busy, family type weekend and am a million miles from writing again.  I am not good at picking it back up again.  Thought I would just share a morning experience with you, just because this is today’s brain and I need to try and write something!





it must be tough enough being lime green

and jumping around in a rather curious gait,

but when I saw you this morning,


legs in the air on my bathroom chest of drawers

I imagined that last fateful jump

when you doinked your head on the cupboard above

and you fell into a swoon

complete with stars and tweet tweet tweets

that twirled and danced around your glazed bulging eyes

and lolloping tongue (do you have a tongue by the way?)



when I picked up your corpse in loo paper

and plopped you down the toilet bowl

I thought to myself

“Why can I only see the cartoon?”