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 Posted: Mon Aug 7th, 2006 05:14 pm
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hi nikip.

to be absolutely, brutally honest i don't like poetry much (i personally find a lot of it self-serving, pretentious, artificial and deliberately discoursive, often written be people who try too hard to find something to say, rather than having something to say and using the genre to say it) but i really, really liked this! if you can capture my imagination and interest, i think it must have merit (i'm not qualified to say whether it was 'good' or not).

having admitted my antagonism to the genre, can i just say that (as a supposed objective critique) i thought there were three words which let it down - 'doinked' and 'lolloping' - which whilst descriptive i'm not sure are internationally understood (i'm estonian but an english speaker by birth from my father, and i think i get the drift but maybe others might not) - and 'loo paper' - i didn't think you needed the word 'loo' at all.

i can't say i see what Katie means about it being metaphorical and saying anything about your state of mind - or therefore agree with it - but i genuinely loved the analogy between stark reality and the unreality of the cartoon world!

but maybe i'm just shallow...

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