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 Posted: Mon Aug 7th, 2006 07:29 pm
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That's it!  CoreUpted - you've hit the grasshopper on the head!  It's what we are so blase about: grasshoppers/cartoons; starving child/cliche... we sometimes wish we could not be so cynical/cold.  Where's our sensitivity gone?  Etc.  Now it's my turn to wonder what the hell I'm talking about - and I have even been underwater for hours!

By the way, Nikip, I was driving home from work tonight along the bypass, and suddenly there was something crawling along my windscreen - and it was a green grasshopper!!!!  Was it yours?  It made its way round the corner to my side window, its antennae blowing in the wind (and me swerving round cars cos I was busy watching it not the road) and hung on all the way home.  I parked the car by the field next to our house and it hopped off.  Two grasshoppers in one day.