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 Posted: Mon Aug 7th, 2006 07:44 pm
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Hm.  Is Mike Perry still the president?  I happened to know him out in Utah--that's partially how I got my shows placed with Encore originally.  Anyway, he was always good about getting back to me, though he did make a couple of moves; he was in Nova Scotia for a while.  The leverage I had on him was that he did not pay me royalties according to the contract.  When I finally broke from him, he didn't give me any trouble about it.  I think I had to write him a formal letter stating my intentions to leave Encore and it took a little while after that.  I just wish I had done so much earlier.

By the way, I called Bakers Plays today, and they said the checks should be coming in about a week.  The guy in accounting blamed the delay on the recent change of editorial staff. 

Good luck, Claudia.  I would call and write and e-mail insistently until something happens.  Don't be afraid to be pushy; it's your play.    Let me know how it goes.