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 Posted: Sun Dec 27th, 2009 04:20 pm
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Hello David,

As muncy said, I certainly respect your courage in presenting a defense for this festival’s policies. But I also agree wholeheartedly with muncy’s riposte. I’ll try to keep this brief:

While I appreciate your explanation of the details of the festival, many of which no one without a direct link to it would know, I’m afraid to say I think you may have got lost in them. Once you boil all of those details down to their essence, you are left with this: Group of actors get tired of shelling out their hard earned money to showcase their talents at Edinburgh, so they decide to create their own festival and have the writers pay for everything.  

Your explanation was just that: an explanation…not a justification. It is not possible to justify playwrights being asked to shoulder all the costs of production for what is a “shared” opportunity. It is simply inequitable. And the £30 entry fee is quite simply insulting. If I charged an actor £30 to audition for me, only to have me say “No, sorry…next!” as I slipped the cash into my wallet, well…I think you know how the actor would feel.

As a playwright, I can, if I have the money available, opt to self-produce (which is what this festival is offering) at any time and at any place of my choosing. The only difference is I don’t need to give away an extra fifty bucks to be considered.

Thank you for adding to this discussion. You seem like a very intelligent, eloquent, and respectful person and I’m glad you’ve joined us.