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 Posted: Sun Dec 27th, 2009 05:10 pm
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Just a few thoughts. As my production company produces a fringe-ish festival, I have a few opinions. UNHINGED is similar to 24:7 in that although it is essentially set up as a Fringe, it isn't quite, and deals more with site-specific theatre...

It is not unusual for Fringe festivals to charge a submission fee. Usually, it's about $15.00. They'll call it a reading fee, or administration fee. £30 is really really high.

We do charge a fee, but not one up front. The fee is for plays that are in the festival. We get the venue, we deal with major advertising, lights,

So similar, but no admin/reading/submission fee...and the artists get the entire box office.

Usually it is the playwright that sets about orgainizing the production, and creates a production company...but it shouldn't be the playwright that funds the event.

Frogfall, what a great first post. Good to discuss things even when there is a different view, but the conversation is civil.

So...all these words and I'm saying, I don't think you need to charge a fee.