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 Posted: Sat Feb 6th, 2010 07:10 pm
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This is the revised query. Can't thank in media res enough for the structure and foundation. All I did is take Res' example query and add the specific details--it was like a more involved Mad Libs. JB

I am querying about my full-length play.

LOST ITHACA is the story of shipwrecked sailor, who while chancing upon a small village, suddenly loses his memory.

To assist him in finding his home and identity, the desperate, but prideful Bryunce Hogic, gains the unasked for help of a local youth. The idealistic Janus Prude can think of no higher calling than to enlist in the aid of the amnesiac's journey, and to throw aside his responsibilities at home along with his love to his fiancee.

However, the wily Bryunce leads the young man on a harrowing trek encountering the foundations of idealism in western culture. Through their trials Bryunce slowly rediscovers himself, but will it be too late for Janus to claim his manhood; or will Janus return to his former life and destroy his past and future?