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 Posted: Tue Feb 9th, 2010 05:38 pm
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I recommend going to the link and watching it.

Pun Bandhu, who is interviewed in this piece, is one of the most astute people in theatre today. I worked with him as an actor. (He is also a fine actor.) When I found out he was a producer and he found out I was also a playwright, he actually was quite interested in that and asked about my work and agreed to read one of my scripts. He did not use it - well obviously! - but what more can one ask? Pun Bandhu is a very nice, knowledgable and genuine fellow. He has an MFA from YALE.

He has produced two shows on Broadway and both have won Tony Awards. So, you are listening to the best. Excellent information. Some of the questions they ask of him are a bit basic, but he gives thorough and respectful answers to all filled with excellent advice.

And he does talk about "connections" via MFA programs - and other venues - that we had a thread on about a month ago.

The video is not just about "getting to Broadway" however. It is about what one should be doing all along to get in the position to get something produced anywhere in this current environment.



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