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 Posted: Wed Apr 7th, 2010 02:47 pm
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Thanks for this informed post. 

The aspect of being seen or noticed in a festival intrigues me, and reminds me of a statement I've heard several times from Paula Vogel, "Our theater must be something that we can carry on our backs," meaning that we often have to make it happen ourselves.

It is vital that playwrights support each other in their community and help showcase each others work.  This is the new model.  13 P (the group of playwrights who banded together to produce each others work in NYC - ) is just one example of this new model, but there are others.  The storefront pop-up theater movement is very important to this shift as well.

I know that I receive letters from literary managers asking to be informed of any readings or workshops.  Being able to see something in action, or at least hear about a successful or impressive workshop through channels  - is essential to becoming known.

Playwrights have been the primary force behind play production and innovation since the Greeks and the Sanskritists -- it has only been in the past century that the model of playwright/producer/director eroded and was replaced.  But it looks like that ancient model is reemerging as the "new" mode of success.