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 Posted: Tue May 18th, 2010 03:05 am
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Edd -- what -- me?  Jump?

I do like readings - and I enjoy the reading process.

I just got from an amazing week working on a play as a reading.  And the play is better for the experience - plus I met some talented and committed people.

That said - I think that playwrights need to take responsibility for the "workshopped to death" syndrome.  If you're done workshopping it - DO NOT CONTINUE TO SEND IT TO WORKSHOPS.

Edd - you know up front you don't want a reading - and I bet you don't bother sending to a theater interested in doing a reading, right? Why put yourself and the other people involved thru a tortuous process, right?

And I totally agree that you learn a lot from miscast workshops.  And it's way better to have a miscast workshop and learn what your play requires with low stakes, than to get a miscast premier that could haunt the play for ever after.

I do dig readings -- I think they're fun, fast, and revealing.