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 Posted: Wed Jul 28th, 2010 06:54 am
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Christine Rossetti


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Hello RTurco,

This is the first time I make a contribution to this forum, I guess I have to start somewhere, I have read a lot of plays on this forum. Some I liked, some I did not like, so far seem pretty logical ! I wanted to make comments on a lot of plays, but I guess I was shy and careful, I am always waiting for someone to tell me "How can you critize my play ??? English is not even your language !!!" So I have been reading but stayed silent.

 I liked your play, the flow of the dialogue and the sharp sentences. I did not like too much all the references about theater technique or practice, as I think (but this is only my opinion) it hold back the play, if that is a right expression. When I read the first time, it felt like being on an express train, but then it stops at every single station, so every time I got side track by the theatre references. Also I had more like a question than a comment : Why did you make the difference between two accents, American and British ? What do you want to say about that ?

Take care