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 Posted: Wed Aug 4th, 2010 01:38 am
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I am glad to see such a speedy reply as I respect your view and the views of others on this Forum. It would seem to me that I too agree, to a certain degree, with Albee's notion that development workshops can "deball" a play. I too am also wary of too many hands touching and changing and altering my piece, thereby muddling my original ideas and intentions. Nonetheless, I think I'll give it a go. I have never had the experience of such a developmental program; what have I to lose? Having said that, on entering such a program, I will keep in mind that I must be firm in my stance and not give into the every whim of my collaborators. Being a young and fairly inexperienced playwright, I fear that I may tend to do so. I do not believe that I am obligated to bend in such a way or make any unwanted changes; become a sort of "yes man". We'll see where it goes and how it impacts the piece.

By the way, I read some of your memoir. Very evocative. I'm also interested in a play you wrote, "The Moon Away". I'll get to reading it one of these days.

Thank you again for the helpful, in-depth, and speedy response.