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 Posted: Wed Aug 4th, 2010 03:06 am
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Keep a copy of your play as written hidden away.  Go through the process which will be very beneficial in helping the piece have more commercial appeal.  That cannot hurt.  In fact, until you develop your own wings, it cannot not help.  So do it.  My above rant is not really directed to the first time writer, anyway.  There is a lot one can learn from a developmental process.  I have written 14 or 15 full-lengths and dozens of one-act and 10-minute plays.  So I'm pretty set in my ways and could probably teach those who develop at developmental center a thing or two, or possibly something new.  I don't consciously set out to write for the commercial theatre.  I set out to write the best I know, to write for entertaining an audience and of course to entertain myself.  But, in your case, starting out, go for it.  You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Remember, you still have your original script hidden away.  My first stuff was so bad you cannot imagine.  I have destroyed it all to create the illusion, if only in my mind, that I never was as naive and ignorant as I was; as we all must be at one time.   It took many years and many nurturing and caring people to help me, to guide me and to teach me how to listen and hear with a playwright's ear, and to learn how to write and to become the arrogant bitch I am today.  :0