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 Posted: Wed Aug 25th, 2010 01:14 pm
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Quite frankly, when you register to be a member and there is nothing to let us know that you are interested in participating in our forum and you use odd pseudonyms, as spambots do, I ere on the side of safety and delete those accounts and, unfortunately, sometimes folks who are really interested in our forum are deleted inadvertently.  So give us some information about yourselves.  In the least, where the app asks for interests, say 'theatre.'

Personally, I cannot fathom why one would take the trouble to write a lovely poem or a thoughtful play, post it, share it, ask for feedback, and choose to remain anonymous.  I cannot imagine my writing something, anything, taking pains, doing the best I know, feeling pride, and not attaching my name to it.  It is not required, of course, but I don't understand it.  To stand with our work, take ownership of it, forces us to better prepare our work, to choose our words of dialogue wisely, more carefully, create our vision by doing the best we know.  When 'jiggledejog' writes something, I am always wondering who it is behind the mask, and why - and unless you've been here long enough to establish your level of interest, I don't give the work a second glance.  But that's just me and even with my full name, I am, too often, not taken as I would prefer.

 Any thoughts?

~Edward Crosby Wells