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 Posted: Thu Aug 26th, 2010 02:15 pm
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I'm happy to defend anonymity!

Writers aren't always confident about their work and it can be intimidating for it to be scrutinised, especially by strangers. Everyone on this website seems very kind, friendly and understanding, but you never know: it only takes one critic to destroy a writer's morale. If you remain anonymous, you can get over the humiliation and not take it personally.

Writers are also notoriously shy and unsociable. Maybe not everyone in a forum like this wants to meet other writers, see their work performed, share experiences, make friends or begin relationships. This website is more about the plays than the writers - if not, why aren't we using Facebook?

And those people who are brave enough to provide their identities needn't fear us anonymous beings. We're not Internet stalkers: we just like reading and talking about plays. Don't delete us like vermin - we don't do any harm!