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 Posted: Thu Aug 26th, 2010 02:31 pm
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You make an excellent point, absurdist.  Thank you.

I must tell you, however, neither I nor Paddy would ever delete anyone with a pseudonym - never.  Some members have been inadvertently deleted only because they were mixed in with the dozens of spam-bots needing daily removal.  And to those, I sincerely apologize.

All I really want, that will help us with sorting all those creative monikers from the spam, is to put at least 'theatre' in the interest box.

BTW, I can name you, off the cuff, a dozen members who use pseudonyms, and are among the most intelligent, helpful, talented and respected members of this forum.  Without them, this forum and all of us would suffer greatly (they know who they are).

Again, absurdist, you make an excellent point.

I wish you laughter, bravos and fabulous lighting,

Edd (which isn't really my name.  When still a teenager, I stole it from Edd Kookie Burns of 77 Sunset Strip, because he was so damn cute.)