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 Posted: Wed Sep 1st, 2010 02:54 pm
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Very interesting thread. I'm kind of a twist--somewhat shy, but nonanonymous. (That is a fun word to say--maybe that's why I'm it.)

I use my first name--and anyone could find out my last name easily enough--for a couple reasons: ego and habit! As a  newspaper person for two decades, I wrote under my own name and just can't let go of that. Plus I like getting "credit" for things I've written.

One other thing--as a reporter I developed the hide of a rhinoceros. That happens when people send letters to the editor blasting you, your story, any children you have or someday might have, etc. My favorite denouncement was from a woman who didn't like a column I'd written about a redneck diner. She raged about the way I "sashayed" around town and then asked, "Why can't she write nice stories like the person who wrote about Father _____ ?" (a priest whose name I've forgotten). Funny thing, I was the person who'd written the story about that priest! I've discovered that many critics are a lot like that woman...


p.s. On this forum, one doesn't need a rhino hide. The comments I've received here, while insightful and helpful, are also invariably kind.

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