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 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 02:44 am
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i like dreams
where everything
is clean, even night
windows, like the one
i looked out
when i was a kid
and neighbor bill
was lying in his yard,
beer pants and drunk
as red stones, his wife
i could see in their window,
in soft yellow light
crying, mouthing words
i couldn’t hear
yet even the next
morning there were
chocolate chip cookies
for my sister and me

i like dreams
where everything
is clear, even people
are clear, so clear
i can see right through
them, like the one girl
i kissed near sand hill,
the tall one with blonde
hair and a carolina
accent so carolinian
even her name was
carolyn, and sweet, she
was so sweet even
the honey bees
offered their queen
in exchange for her lips

i like dreams
where everything
is constant, even tools
like hammer, chisel, level,
or grandmother’s walnut
mantel clock i had retooled
for my parent’s twenty-fifth
anniversary, new springs
and coils, precision
wound every five days,
tick & tock sound
as steady as the hands
it took to wind it