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 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 07:55 pm
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Many years ago, a tent theatre in the round in New England.  The production:  The Boy Friend.  The director, who all we apprentices and  crew folks hated for the unreasonable (and never ending) demands, decided on opening day that it would be a wonderful touch to have a net filled with balloons hanging in the space above the stage, which could then be opened for the festive effect of balloons bouncing all over the stage for the curtain call.

It meant rehanging lights, rigging the net, getting the balloons, etc.  In the space of about four hours.  So we did it.

Opening night.  Television stars played leads well.  Audience pleased and cheering.  Curtain call.  Character of Maizie pulls trip cord.  Nothing happens.  She pulls again.  Nothing happens.  She pulls as hard as she can. 

Entire net pulls down, covering entire cast, who struggle but are trapped.  Balloons bounce festively off their heads.  Apprentices and crew thoroughly enjoy the effect.  It's cut the next day.