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 Posted: Wed Dec 15th, 2010 04:05 am
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Going to bed, but checked in.

Stubborn is what stubble is. Just damned stubborn. There is always a spot or two, especially as one gets older, that just is so damn stubborn. Just when you think you are done shaving and you rub your hand over your face, especially if you are in a rush, you go, "Damnit!" (or goddamnit.) "Not that spot(s) again." Just sheer frustration. Not necessarily anger.

It is not the right word for your poem. But if there were a combination of stubborn and what you are looking for....

Also, I think it works alone without an adjective. But keep searching. It must be out there.

Maybe "damned" stubble. "Goddamned" would give you two syllables. But that may not be your character's words. I don't know. (Never heed suggestions from a tired man!)

Good night.


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