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 Posted: Fri Apr 1st, 2011 10:58 pm
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Update: After spending a long time away from my craft due to school, I think I've found a way to clarify the hallucination device. I could supply a brief explanation under the character's section in the Character Page. So here's what I've put:

Principal Characters

Ivan Pavlovich Kharlamov (Vanya) – a journalist of about forty-five years old.

Nikolai Pavlovich Kharlamov (Kolya) - Ivan’s younger brother, in his late thirties. The actor portraying this character will return in Act II to play a hallucination that only Ivan can see and hear.


Is that kind of thing appropriate? I know long-winded character descriptions are a thing of the past, but should I go on? Curious to know what others think.

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