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 Posted: Mon Apr 4th, 2011 04:23 pm
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Doug B

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Not an issue for me - I'm a guy.  Why don't guy's hyphenate their names?  Maybe they do and I've never met any of them.

I know a couple of artists who ALWAYS paint under their maiden name.  The reasons are pretty simple:  You don't want to lose the name recognition you have gained under your maiden name.  One often married friend told me : Husbands come and husbands go but a good painting is forever.

I'm still pretty close to one of the artists and everything in her life is under her married (un-hyphenated) name except her paintings which are signed and marketed under her maiden name.  She has a business under her maiden name that she uses for expenses related to painting and selling her paintings and handling the income and expenses from teaching.

Just my two cents worth.