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 Posted: Sat Apr 16th, 2011 03:52 pm
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I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have for this--I've never done this before

Please find enclosed an excerpt of “I Love You, Too” for submission to Theater J. I have also enclosed a synopsis, resume, and SASE for confirmation of receipt. “I Love You, Too” follows Anna, a young Jewish woman, along on her visit to her parents’ house for a comedic exploration of her relationship with her mother. Anna’s mother, an Eastern European immigrant, maintains remnants of a childhood characterized by deprivation, political repression, and criticism. She wants the best for her daughter, whose very different immigration experience—that of a child trying to fit in, rather than an adult trying to survive—shaped a distinct personality that her mother does not know how to read. Anna’s conversations with her parents and friends explore not only her coming into her own, having absorbed some and deflected other elements of her parents’ heritage, but also some universal elements of modern life, including the cultural and generational gaps around social issues, food politics, and consumption.
Thank you for your consideration.

As Anna spends the holidays with her parents and her friends in Boston, her mother (lovingly) points out that she’s gained weight, comments on what and how she eats, and critiques her personality. Anna uses the week to explore her appreciation and love for and simultaneous frustration with her mother, her journey toward self-acceptance, and the non-traditional yet not atypical family lives of her friends.