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 Posted: Tue Apr 26th, 2011 03:52 pm
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To submit my new play to American theaters, I need to give them a synopsis and a ten page sample from the play.  I am working on the synopsis.  I can write a concise treatment that describes the major characters and action of the story but in the words of my creative partner, this comes out flat, like the Cliff Notes of the play.  Well, I guess I always thought an accurate summary was the purpose of the synopsis. 

My friend is going more with a movie trailer theory of synopses - they should make you want to read the play but not give away too much. 

Do you have a feeling about this? 

And what about this conundrum:  it doesn't seem quite right to me in the stnopsis to describe the character in subjective terms:  wise, brave, enlightened . . . or craven, repressed, racist . . . would you do that? 

Please help your friendly neighbo(u)rhood Swann with your collective wisdom.