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 Posted: Thu Jun 2nd, 2011 03:05 pm
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My contrary comment to kato's - which is rare: I wouldn't worry about Tammy - or anything - right now. One: Tammy does not have to be from Rhode Island. She may have moved there from somewhere else. She can have a whole story to tell about why she is where she is. She moved there for a particular reason, life took a turn - as life does - and she winds up in Rhode Island. And it is too early to start editing your brain. Just get the thing written. You can revise and revise and revise later.

It would be a pity to start restricting/editing your characters at such an early stage of the piece. Keep going. Your synopsis is concise and has the makings of a good play.

I have an Irish-American play. A actor friend of mine, who is Latino, read it. He said, "Hey, this is my life." So he and I are talking about adapting it for a Latino family. Things evolve.



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