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 Posted: Wed Jun 15th, 2011 05:08 pm
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Red light on campus. My bike stops
Next to a college girl’s
I apologize for being a parent
And ask, “Where is your helmet?”

She smiles, shyly turns away,
Says, “In my dorm room.”
(Others have turned their heads
Rolled their eyes in silence
As my daughter has done hundreds -
No thousands - of times.
One has said, “Fuck you.”
Never heard that from my daughter.)

I want to tell this college girl
But never have told anyone
I want to tell them all I knew
Kathy Kelly

The titian hair of Kathy Kelly
The smile of a thousand ships Kathy
The innocent laughter of
Kathy Kathy Kathy Kelly.
And, oh the freckles freckles freckles
Oh, the freckles
Of Kathy Kelly.
Her scent of Shalimar
Our first eye-glass clicking kiss –
Hers fell off.
My first kiss since Carol Smetko slapped me
At age 5

I want to tell this college girl
We could sit all day on a rock
On the banks of the Kankakee and be happy
Or at least not unhappy

Summer zipped through

Kathy Kelly went East
Michigan. Ann Arbor.
Me North
Wisconsin. Madison.

Shalimar scented letters,
(Still in a blue box
In our basement)
Mailed voluminously
Arrived much too slowly.

Autumn days crossed off in RED
On my UW calendar
BLUE on her UM
Eagerly waiting
For Thanksgiving.

The October phone call. The 16th.
My mother...
“Kathy was riding her bike...”

There have been many Kathy Kelly’s since.
There have been some Carol Smetkos.

Sometimes, in Chicago,
On a street or in a store
I catch the passing scent of Shalimar
From a woman my age
I stop and linger
And I think of
The girl on the bike
In Michigan
Ann Arbor
And a Thanksgiving
That was not.

in media res

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