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 Posted: Thu Jun 30th, 2011 01:51 am
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Rules question: You probably understand this by now, but I'll still throw in.

The "rules of the play" refer simply to how the world of the play works. They were saying that they didn't understand who the hallucination was, and how he operated in your story. Because they couldn't understand it, this element became a distraction to the rest of the dramatic action.

As far as clarifying it: this is one area where a simple line of dialogue can do all the work you need. Have either character mention that the man is dead, and/or not real, and BAM!, problem solved. This assumes that the interaction you refer to earlier is more limited. If your hallucination is having conversations with other characters, then that still gets confusing. But even then, call him a ghost in that case and once again, problem (hopefully) solved.