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 Posted: Sun Aug 20th, 2006 08:23 pm
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with empty belly, adam
reaches for purple plums
from the small green tree
nearby, three mockingbirds
watch with wary eyes

since vultures are not
permitted, these cottony
avians take this task more
seriously than their old job
down by the dry fig trees,
shooshing brown sparrows
from the still raw fruit

here plums are as pleasant
as the first dewy morning,
soft clumps of black earth
still clinging to the nakedness
of his back thighs and elbows

the breeze is flesh warm,
fragrant with azaleas;
white stemmed Adonis
Palestina surrounds
him like color bowls

he couldn’t explain last night:
the darkness, the restless sounds
behind the forest, his beating heart

all he knows is sweetness,
the plum juice on his tongue,
the tartness waiting in his throat

he wonders again about his beating
heart, sees a small rivulet, tiny water
bugs traveling atop leaves of lemon trees

tomorrow, he says aloud,
i shall see where the water flows
his first words at once
startling him in their clarity