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 Posted: Mon Aug 1st, 2011 02:36 am
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Evening all,

I wonder if any of you are aware of Young Playwrights Inc. It's a fantastic theatrical organization that specializes solely in the work of young people. And what I especially admire about this group is that for their National Competition, they review and critique all of the pieces they recieve and respond to each author with a one-page summary of their professional opinion! (Here's a link to the competition guidlines:

Having said that, the end of my "youth" is fast approaching. They only accept writers 18 years of age or younger and I've just got this one last year to submit something. So my question to you all is this: Do any of you know of a competition that offers a similar compliment in critiquing their recieved manuscripts? And if not, could there be other ways in which to acquire said critiquing? (Aside from this vital community of course!) How about organizing staged readings? The only problem with those are that, in being a teenager, I don't have a whole lot of money to contribute.

Eager to hear of your responses as always,


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