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 Posted: Mon Oct 10th, 2011 05:51 pm
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i have been an observer of this site for a long time and i like the fact that you don't allow theatres that charge reading fees to solicit on your board. I am sure I am not alone when i say that this disgusts me and i don't submit to places any longer that do require i pay to be heard. screw you, is my basic response to that. But you do tolerate organizations that are looking for "only black writers," or "only women writers," and this disgusts me equally. i don't want to hear the stupid arguments about affirmative action. it has no place in this business and does nothing but produce and create garbage that demeans the entire industry. i suggest you ban any organization that does not permit open submissions, period. this should become a cause in this business right across the spectrum from broadway to littletown. do not submit your work to places that discriminate - period. theatres have a right - in some cases an obligation - to seek work of a certain theme or from a certain geographical area. it's fine to support Indiana writers in Indiana if you are an Indiana theater. It's not fine to support "white male" indiana writers or "black female" indiana writers or anything similar. Let's put an end to this disgusting, disgraceful and reprehensible practice.