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 Posted: Tue Dec 20th, 2011 12:15 pm
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Well, I presented it to them. I spoke with the group's main director for about a half hour not only about the play but some other things. They won't be able to look at it until April. Also, at some point I need to print them a copy of it that isn't duplex printed (though in my defense they didn't mention that on the website) before they do the table readings.

The issue of licensing came up and so I started that ball on it's long journey by sending a general inquiry to the Pearl Jam's website asking to be put in contact with the person in charge of theatrical licensing of the songs. I got a reply and was asked to give a list of songs that would be licensed and a copy of the play, which I did. Wish me luck - cause if the band isn't interested in allowing the play it can't proceed.