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 Posted: Fri Feb 3rd, 2012 10:31 pm
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Yes. Here's how you can look at it. The director loves directing, so don't do that for him/her. Really don't put SL SR - as each stage is particular, and in the same vein, the set designer is capable and loves their work. Don't use a stage direction unless the play won't be the same without it, and if you use a character action that ends in ly - (sadly, sarcastically) it's probably not needed, as they too will interpret the character in their own way. If you have to have the lead in a red dress, the best way to make sure that happens, is to have someone say - I love your RED dress. Although the theatre is obliged to be true to your dialogue, the stage directions and descriptions are not in the same boat. Trust that they - in their expert areas, will do better than you. I have a play where the stage directions read - He falls off the roof and plunges several stories before being suspended in air. How they do that, is their business, not mine.

Hope that helps.