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 Posted: Mon Feb 6th, 2012 08:17 pm
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Hi, Zamdrist, welcome to the wonderful world of playwriting. What has made you decide to take it up?

About the resources that theaters might or might not have -- I usually do keep constraints in mind, mostly because I don't want my play to be unintentionally hard to produce. For example, if I can stay true to my story and do it with fewer characters, I might do that. Theaters are generally producing plays with smaller casts.

Michael is right that you need to keep in mind some of the practicalities of staging a play. Not just costume changes, but set changes, as well. Obviously, you don't know how any particular theater would produce your play, but do keep in mind that something will probably have to happen.

Don't worry about how many scenes your play has. It's like asking how long does a piece of string need to be. The answer is, as long as it needs to be. So your play needs to have as many scenes as it needs to tell your story.

Definitely see as much theater as you can. And read plays.

Here's something you can do that will really help you understand the world of theater.

Choose a play that's performing near you. Get a copy of the script -- from the library, through interlibrary loan, at a nearby theater department, or buy it. Read the script, and make notes about how you envision the play is being staged. What does the set look like? The costumes? What's the emotional tone of the play?

Then go see the play. Make notes about what you saw.

Then read the script again. Compare your impressions to the impression you had before you saw the play.

Good luck! Keep us posted on how it goes.