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 Posted: Wed Feb 15th, 2012 12:39 am
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Glad you enjoyed it voxel! As far as what worked and what didn't:

- Retelling the War in Heaven with hand-puppets was the joke that consistantally got the best response. The "amen" in particular at the end killed. I actually still have the hand-puppets, my sister made them and I keep them as a souvineer.

- Yeah, the dick jokes didn't really work; I'm not sure if that was due to costumes - since that was the original idea, that they would be dressed like Barbie and Ken dolls and the joke was a specific reference to the not-anatomically correctness of the costumes. We couldn't really find body-stockings that worked so we just went with neutral white clothes. So the joke seemed random and easy without that additional bit of context.

- The Lord was also problematic since I think I gave instructions to the actor that were a bit too binding. I basically instructed him to sound autistic, but it didn't read over the sound system, and the audience was a bit puzzled as to how he sounded as he did. I personally really like the idea of a autistic God, since I think it actually makes a lot of sense if you consider Biblical context. Like I said however, didn't read, and it was just interpeted as a goofy voice.

- Sorry to disappoint you, but the dolphins actually bombed hard. Well, let me eaborate on that. Instead of using the "audio playing in reverse" stage direction, we rigged up a projector and showed a few images of famous Rennascience paitings of creation with Dolphins inserted instead of humans. Like Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" with a Dolphin holding out his flipper. That actually got a HUGE response, the audience really liked that. However, actually HAVING the dolphins on-stage afterwards bombed. It might have worked if we worked thier physicality more, but I think I've learned that there's certain jokes, particulalry exceedingly ridiculous ones that work better off-stage or insinuated instead of actually shown.

All in all, the first two scenes worked really well and got consistent and hearty laughs throughout, the dinner table scene was problematic and I think the script was just a tad too long. Definitely gave me a better sense of what works and what doesn't - a great learning experience.

Thanks for the feedback!