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 Posted: Tue Apr 10th, 2012 04:11 am
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Zamdrist wrote: So I just got back from a reading of a play. It wasn't a production but rather a dramatic reading by actors.

It is called "The Few" and is written by Samuel D. Hunter.

It was a very enjoyable experience, and it was entertaining to listen to.

That said, and this goes to the discussion I opened up on, was the level of stage direction. The reading included a narrator of sorts. He read everything that wasn't read by the actors. There was lots of it, all over and in between almost every scene. Doesn't really seem to jive with what I've been told here.

A lot of playwrights, especially new ones and Eugene O'Neill, write a lot of stage directions.  Directors usually ignore them.  A theatre near me (I think) did a reading that ignored stage directions.  The playwright, in attendance at the public reading, asked why a particular character was on stage.  He was killed 2 pages ago.

As a playwright and director, my advice is to write in anything that is necessary to the story, but nothing else.  The fewer instructions you have, the more inclined directors/producers/etc. are to read them.